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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Handy Granddaughter

Laurie McLean - SWAN Member Profile Handy Granddaughter Laurie always knew she wanted to have her own business; it took the passage of time and varied career experiences—from health care, to construction, to adult education—to refine the vision of what her business would look like. Her passion for helping others and the profound satisfaction she experienced from helping her grandmother to maintain her independence for as long as possible through handling the handy-man jobs inspired Laurie to start Handy Granddaughter. Laurie provides care in an unconventional way to senior citizens—primarily widows—by providing handy-man services such as installations, repairs and maintenance work that help seniors to maintain both their independence and a sense of pride in their home. She finds both the work and the relationships she develops with her clients gratifying. Laurie’s greatest achievements in life include playing varsity field hockey, building a diverse set of skills over several career paths, and building her business from scratch with limited funds. She has had to overcome a reluctance to ask for help, “toot her own horn”, and network with others. The best piece of business advice Laurie was given was “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”. Laurie’s advice to new entrepreneurs is that you must love what you’re doing, learn to listen and absorb everything then apply what works for you, have a clear one year plan, and try not to get into too much debt when starting out. Laurie maintains balance through building in lots of play time: hiking, cycling, going on road trips and surrounding herself with good friends. Along with learning how to convey her message and learning good networking skills, Laurie has made many new friends through SWAN. You can contact Laurie at laurie@handygranddaughter.ca 604-839-6084 www.handygranddaughter.ca Interviewed by Susan Chambers

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