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Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you know someone who could use a scooter/electric wheelchair to get around but can’t afford to buy one?

Bev Pitman at United Way recently had a conversation with a Mr. Cliff
Steel in Langley, who restores scooters and electric wheelchairs in
order to give them away -- at no charge -- to people who can’t
afford to buy one. He’s recycled 16 in total and now has 4
available (1 scooter and 3 electric wheelchairs). He says they’re
worth around $4,000 each but knows that many seniors who need them
can’t afford them. He asks that people return the scooter/chair to
him when they’re finished using them so that he can restore and
recycle them again. He’s received a big batch of ones to restore
just in the past month, so he should have some more ready to pass
along quite soon. Cliff is retired, 93 years of age, and this is
what he does.

Cliff’s phone number is 604-530-1272. Please mention Bev Pitman
and the United Way when you call so he knows the connection.

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