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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Vancouver's first annual Consumer Show & Lifestyle Expo for men and women 45+ will happen November 27th & November 28th, 2010 in Hall A of the Vancouver Convention Centre (1055 Canada Place).

CARP members get in FREE!

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~ Body of a 65 year-old
~ Mind of a 45 year-old
~ Libido of a 25 year-old
~ Heart of a teenager

Did you know?
Zoomers encompass both the Baby Boomers (in Canada, 44-62) and those who are older - It's a vast group of more than 14.5 million and accounts for 44 percent of the population, while controlling more than 70 percent of Canadian wealth

• Zoomers control 77% of all Canadian wealth
• Over 14 Million Zoomers in Canada alone
• Zoomer = Boomers with Zip*
• Znaimer + Boomer = Zoomer

What is a Zoomer?
"The population bubble that was the youth market 30 years ago is today, the market I've defined as Zoomers. They were a dominant generation then ... they remain a dominant generation today. Zoomers are a growing, vibrant and affluent community. They look at the world with optimism; they are engaged and aspire to enrich their lives and their communities".

Zoomer Media founder, Moses Znaimer

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