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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fraud is the number one crime against older Canadians. Though people of all ages can be victims of fraud, older people get targeted more than others. Some of the reasons are that they are often home during the day to answer the door or phone, they can be more trusting and they may not have family or friends close by to ask for a second opinion.

People who commit frauds and scams are commonly called con artists. Con artists don't just target people who have a lot of money. A con artist may steal a small amount from many people. They use a variety of ways to reach people, including the Internet, phone calls and even door-to-door visits.


1. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. When it comes to a "now or never" opportunity, choose "never."

3. Keep account numbers, codes and passwords private.

4. Shred bills, junk mail and receipts when discarding them.

5. Don't be afraid to report your experiences. If you feel uncomfortable, tell someone.

Download the RCMP Seniors Guidebook to Safety and Security

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Abbotsford International Airshow - August 13th, 14th, & 15th

Are you planning on taking your children to the Abbotsford International Airshow this year? Airshows are LOUD and especially hard on young ears, and you must protect them to prevent damage.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Buy ear plugs that fit the child's ears. Choose a pair that are inserted into the ear and connected to a string so that the kids won't lose them when they play or run.

2. Bring a set of noise reduction ear muffs. Contact Hear at Home to order a pair. They come in blue, pink and silver.

3. Insist that your children wear the hearing protection throughout the air show. Take them off only when the announcer lets you know there won't be any large, loud aircraft performing. When the noise level is below 75 decibels, give the kids a break.

4. Sit near the back center of the air show. The loudest spots are along the fences or barriers in the front. Planes take off and land in the same location. Avoid sitting near engine noise.

Remember that children learn best through example so make sure you protect your hearing as well. You can contact Hear at Home to have custom fit ear plugs made.

Enjoy the show!!!