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Friday, April 23, 2010

Seniors Busters Program

SeniorBusters Program

SeniorBusters presently consists of more than 60 volunteer members over the age of 50. These volunteer members come from diverse backgrounds and will bring many different skills to SeniorBusters in its attempt to reduce the level of fraudulent telemarketing against seniors. SeniorBusters will contact family members, local police agencies, elder abuse committees, and will provide the seniors with the necessary tools to effectively fight this crime.

Why Seniors?

Seniors are targeted for many different reasons that include loneliness, lack of family support, age, vulnerability, and for health-related reasons such as Alzheimer's. Seniors are particularly susceptible to telephone fraud because their generation tends to be more trusting and less likely to hang up the telephone on someone who appears to be very friendly. The effects of this brutal crime has resulted in ruined family lives, great financial losses and suicides.

SeniorBusters helps by…

relating personal experiences, wisdom and expertise
providing strength to the victims
providing emotional and moral support
being sensitive to the needs of the senior
contacting them as often as necessary
developing personal relationships with victims
ensuring that the senior will have a place to turn to if they need assistance
helping the senior regain their personal dignity

In Vancouver:

BC Coalition to Eliminate Abuse of Seniors
Third Floor - 411 Dunsmuir St
Vancouver, BC V6B 1X4
Telephone: (604) 437-1940
Attention: Mary Martin Sharma

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